Corporate Social Responsibilities: CSR

Respecting Human Rights

The Company establishes a policy to support, promote and respect the human rights protection by treating all stakeholders including the employees, communities, and nearby society, with respect in their human dignity, fairness and equality in freedom, non-violations of fundamental rights, and non-discrimination in races, nationalities, religions, languages, skin colors, genders, ages, educations, physical conditions, and social statuses, together with keeping the Company’s business away from activities violating human rights e.g. child labor and sexual harassment etc.

In addition, the Company promotes and offers opportunities to the employees, communities, and societies to express their opinions or complain any violation against their rights, to the Company’s human resources department or safety and environment department, in case of any actions caused by Company or its employees that might violate or trouble any community or society, as well as organizing community relations activities to clarify any questions relating to the Company’s and subsidiaries’ manufacturing processes, operations, and internal management systems.

The Company engages in the human rights knowledge promotion and raising the staffs’ awareness in human rights principle compliances to effectively ensure the respect on human rights.