Is a leading packaging company who has sustainable growth together with all stakeholders.

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TPBI Public Company Limited is a leading packaging company who has sustainable growth together with all stakeholders.

Message from President

In the year 2018, the plastic packaging industry faced challenges from the awareness of environmental care and reducing the impact from plastic packaging. Therefore, campaigning for people to reduce the use of plastic bags and change to other types of environmentally friendly packaging.

TPBI Plc., A leader of the global integrated packaging industry with international standards production processes , Realizing to the importance of environmental conservation , has changed the operating strategy under TPBI's business transformation from product invention , production and new environmentally friendly products development that can better meet the needs of consumers.

Implementation under the strategy , results in TPBI able to increase production efficiency, reduce waste in the production process , reinforce the capacity of reusable plastic bags substitute for single-use plastic bags follow the trend in the world market. Until now, the volume of orders for packaging in the group Transformation Increased and compensated for the single use plastic bag ,better, respectively.

In late 2018, the construction and expansion of the flexible packaging production capacity of the company was completed. In 2019, the company will have a 50% increase in production capacity, which will help the company to serve customers with high quality packaging and can increase sales significantly. Meanwhile, TPBI has expanded its business into paper packaging and increase the opportunity in order to expand new markets in Europe and Australia by purchasing shares of Intelipac Paper Manufacturing Ltd (IPM) and Intelipac Limited (ITP), England, which is a manufacturer and distributor of paper packaging products for the food industry bakery and department stores in England. Also engage in trading business such as various reusable bags , bags for fruits and vegetables and food packaging in England, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries in Europe. In addition, the company has acquired shares of Intelipac Australia PTY Limited (ITPA), a trading business operator in paper and reusable plastic packaging and various food packaging in Australia.

According to The business progress above , will allow TPBI move forward steadily to support the changing industry trends and lead the organization to grow sustainably in the future.

Mr. Banchong Chittchang 
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Executive Board

Mr. Banchong Chittchang

Chairman of the Board of Directors Independent Director

Mr. Thanwa Laohasiriwong

Independent Director
Chairman of the Audit Committee
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Mr. Krit Phanratanamala

Independent Director
Audit Committee
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Mr. Prinya Saniwalwaroon

Independent Director
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Chairman of the Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Mr. Somsak Borrisuttanakul

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Vichai Borrisuttanakul


Mr. Kamol Borrisuttanakul

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Saksit Borrisuttanakul

Chief Operation Officer - Flexibles

Mr. Sittichai Borrisuttanakul

Chief Operation Officer - Consumables