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We provide services and sell various types of roll film which was used as raw materials and for use in other industries .The company manufactures distributes divided by usage by film type. In addition, it includes flexible packaging for consumer products such as standing pouches, Foil bag, Snack packaging, Coffee sachet, Cosmetic sachet and spouch that was operated by TAK Packaging Company Limited ("TAK") which is a subsidiary of TPBI
  • ซองกาแฟ
  • ซองติดจุก
  • ซองก้นตั้ง

Blown Film

  • We use only the world-class blown film technology
  • Located in high standard clean room to provide the quality of lamination film with 3-layers and 7-layers multilayer film

Flexibles Packaging

Flexibles Packaging are operated under T.A.K. Packaging , which is a subsidiary company of TPBI, established in 2005 by TPBI, A.P.S. group and Kanaoka who have expertise in flexibles packaging business.

Be a leading supplier for flexibles packaging that offers excellent product quality and service with the highest customers’ satisfaction

Digital Printing

Expands your possibilities
Custom printing and print on demand are possible with unlimited color

Minimum order quantities
500 pieces are available Free design and high quality products No plate cost

Delivery within 10 days business Guaranteed!