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Plastic packaging used in daily life which was produced by TPBI with production capacity has two factories, namely Sampran and Rayong factory , with many types of plastic bags by customers’ order and can be used in variety ways which can be classified into Plastic handle bags, Reusable bags, Loop handle bags, Food storage bag, Security bag, Garbage bags, Flap tie Bags and also reusable bag ex. Woven bag, Jute Bag, Hybrid bag (Woven + Jute)

Plastic Bag

Our plastic bags are categorized as an essential plastic packaging that people use in everyday life used in retailers business modern trade, supermarket, convenient store including various types of garbage bags for use in house or supermarket.

We produces plastic bag packaging from recycled and virgin plastics as for example; garbage bags, T - shirt bags, Piping bags for well known retailers, supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping malls and the common consumer.

Mailing Bag

Made from: Resistant and constructed of multilayer co - extruded film
Used for: AS post mail packaging, versatile, waterproof, light weight, remarkable and excellent durability

Garbage Bags / Drawstring Bags / Flap tie Bags

Made from: Virgin, Recycled and / or Bioplastic resin
Used for: As house brand and garbage handling of Modern trade Supermarket / Convenience store

Reusable Bags

Made from: Recycle plastic resin (PCR ; Post Consumer Recycle), cotton, jute, etc.
Used for: Shopping Bag in Department store or  Convenient store

LDPE Zipper Bags/Food Storage Bags

Made from: Film specifications for food contact (FDA)
Used for: food protection, moisture / Reusable bag and resealable for frequently used food items

Security Bag ICAO Certified Duty Free, STEBs Bags, Tax-Free Bag, Money Bag

Used for: as product packaging for Duty free shop in airport

Piping Bag

Used for: as whipping up pastries / cake and other confectioneries  with property ; Tear - resistant / strong , flexible , easy handle 

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Compound Resin

Plastic pellet compounds for production of various plastic products such plastic bags , plastic buckets , plastic gallons , and plastic bottles etc. , in order to reduce costs and recycle while maintaining good quality products.

Hygiene Products

Hygiene products is personal care products that help us encourage germ control and cleanliness in correctional facilities, hospitals, home  and  workplaces. 


Woven Bag

Jute Bag

Hybrid Bag
(Woven + Jute)

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