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TPBI Public Company Limited, as a leader of the global integrated packaging industry with international standards production processes, Realizing to the importance of environmental conservation, has changed the operating strategy under TPBI 's business transformation from product invention , production and new environmentally friendly products development that can better meet the needs of consumers

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For the last 30 years, TPBI has been the leading producer and exporter of All in One packaging solutions in Thailand .

We started as a small local family factory and have turned into an international leading plastic manufacturer . With our team ’ s innovative spirit, we are ready to take Packaging a giant leap forward into a sustainable future .


As the leader we have put to our responsibility to improve packaging with every single process to involve eco-friendly processes and Bio - compostable materials into our clients consumer products to keep products fresh, user friendly, recyclable with no harm caused to our environment.

Paper Packaging

  • Bioplastic coated paper packaging
  • Fully compostable food packaging

Global Trading

  • Woven Bag
  • Jute Bag
  • Hybrid Bag (Woven + Jute)

TPBI Suntainability Investment 2021