Corporate Social Responsibilities: CSR

Anti-Corruption Practices

The Company is committed to conducting its business with integrity and transparency as well as complying with the good corporate governance and anti-corruption policy against bribery to or receiving bribe from government officers or private entities by forming the organizational structure to support the clear allocation of responsibility, workflow, and hierarchical control in each division, as well as imposing a guideline to the Company’s and its subsidiaries’ directors, executives, and employees as follows;

  1. The Company’s directors, executives, and employees, including every relevant department, are prohibited from engaging in or accepting all forms of corruption directly or indirectly, and shall be frequently audited for the anti-corruption policy compliance.

  2. The Company’s directors, executives, and employees are obligated to report any actions within the scope of corruption in connecting with the Company to their supervisors or to a responsible person, and to collaborate in the investigations.

  3. The Company shall provide fairness and safeguard to the whistleblower who informs corruption cases and any persons who cooperate in reporting and in the corruption investigation proceedings.

  4. The directors and executives shall behave as role model for the anti-corruption practices and oblige to support and promote the anti-corruption policy towards the employees and every related parties, as well as reviewing the suitability of the policy and measures to comply with the dynamic state of business environment, regulations, rules and laws.

  5. A person who commits corrupting misconducts shall be subjected to disciplinary punishments under the Company’s regulations and may be subjected to legal convictions in the case of violating the laws.
    The Company shall organize trainings and educating sessions for the

  6. Company’s directors, executives, and employees to comply with the anti-corruption policy, and encouraging ethics, integrities, responsibilities of their own duties.

  7. The Company supports our contractors, partners, or other parties whose work related to the Company, to alert the Company’s anti-corruption policy violations.

  8. The Company adopts a policy in recruitment, promotion, training, performance evaluation, and remuneration setting of the Company’s employees and staffs fairly and sufficiently to prevent the corruptions within the organization and to create their security.

  9. For the sake of clear conducts of the following matters, which have high risk in corruptions, the Company’s directors, executives, and employees shall proceed with care and verify that;

    9.1 the giving and receiving of gifts, and hospitality shall be transparent, comply with the law, and conform to the customary business practices or traditionally appropriate value;

    9.2 the making or receiving of donations, or any sponsorships shall be transparent and permitted by law, and such donations or sponsorship shall be assured that they are not made to conceal any briberies;

    9.3 the business conduct, communication, negotiation, bidding, and any other proceedings with government or private entities shall be transparent and permitted by law, and the Company’s directors, executives, and employees must not make bribery to or receive bribe from any parties in every operating procedures.

As a result, the Company intends to participate in campaign activities with the associate of anti-corruption network in private sectors if possible.