In addition to the plastic packaging, the company also has paper packaging such as paper cups and paper bowls that have production systems in accordance with food safety standards certified by government and private agencies. The production and distribution of paper cups are conducted by TMP Packaging Company Limited ("TMP"), a subsidiary of TPBI PLC .Including the packaging of paper bags for putting bread, burgers, bakery or other with production capacity in both Thailand and England. According to production in England , The manufacturing  of  paper bag  are conducted by TPBI UK, a subsidiary of TPBI PLC.

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Paper cup
Paper bowl

Paper cup and Paper Bowl packaging for restaurant and food service industries such as paper cups and paper bowls for hot and cold beverage, food, soup,ice cream, etc.

Paper Cup

  • Flexographic Printing system up to 5 colors
  • Single wall and double walls
  • 1 side PE coating for hot drink and double sides for cold drink

Paper Bowl

  • Flexographic Printing system up to 5 colors
  • Single wall 
  • 1 side PE coating for hot food and double sides for cold food


Paper packaging products for the food industry bakery such as Flat and Sachet, SOS, Twist tie and PTHC

Flat and Sachet


Paper bag twisted handle / tape handle

Other paper packaging

Paper packaging for Beer or Wine Bottles and Paper box for Pizza.


As the leader we have put to our responsibility to improve packaging with every single process to involve eco-friendly processes and Bio - compostable materials into our clients consumer products to keep products fresh, user friendly, recyclable with no harm caused to our environment.

Paper Packaging

  • Bioplastic coated paper packaging
  • Fully compostable food packaging

Global Trading

  • Woven Bag
  • Jute Bag
  • Hybrid Bag (Woven + Jute)

TPBI Suntainability Investment 2021