Amount of Greenhouse gas emission reduction (kgCO2e)

Information as of  July 31st, 2023

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    WON project

                   In 2019, Thailand is ranked as the most seventh country in the world to litter plastic waste into the oceans. (Cr: the momentum), and many animal deaths from plastic waste. TPBI, as a manufacturer of plastic packaging, was not negligence about this issue. Our management started WON project to solve the problem of plastic waste since June 2018 and has operated until now with the aim of the project as a destination for plastic waste throughout the country.
    Concept of “Circular Economy” is applied in Won Project. Circular Economy focuses on the efficient use of resources and increased the efficiency of waste management to be recycled into a renewable resource in the system with suitable processes by product design and system of waste collection to bring it back for recycling as raw materials. WON project aims to create plastic circular productions in the economy as much as possible as well as to prevent leakages of waste into the environment.
                 Nowadays, the destination of most plastic waste is landfill, for example, single-use plastic bags which take a long time more than 450 years to decompose. Some plastic is not used in the most effective way. After that, it was thrown away as garbage. In fact, plastic itself is a good material. If human change their behaviors to use plastic bags more than once, we can reduce plastic waste and the demand for new resources.

              The company, TPBI, established WON project by promoting through Facebook fan page under the name “Wontogether” to request a donation of stretchy plastic (PE) that clean and dry. Plastics that accepted by WON can be easily tested by stretching with your thumb. If such plastic can be stretched, such can be sent to WON project for recycling. Examples of stretchy plastic are as follows; T-shirt bags, Shopping bags, Ice bags, Shrink film (cover of bottled wateror UHT beverage containers ), Bubble film, Bread bags, Sugar bags, Fruit bags, Mailing bags, Ziplock bags, etc. Every 1 kilogram of plastic that we received, we will convert such into 5 Thai Baht for donation to well established environment foundations. Further, if there is any sticker, paper, or tape attached with such plastic, please peel, remove or cut them off before sending them to WON project because they cannot be recycled with plastic.
                   All of received soft plastic (Polyethylene - PE) will be recycled. Firstly, to melt plastics into recycled plastic resins. After that, they will be used to produce reusable plastic bags with their thickness about 55 microns, which is thicker than normal or single used plastic bags. Therefore, we can reuse reusable bags until they are broken. Such broken reusable bags can be returned to WON project and enter into our recycling process again and again.as aforementioned process, we name such reusable bags as “Won bags”. We strongly believe this is the most effective way to use plastic.

    Pride Award

    WON project’s drop points are located  over 400 locations throughout Thailand.

    Won drop point

    WON project has publicly expanded with social benefactors. . There are approximately 400 drop points in Bangkok and the countryside (further details: click the pin icon) for dropping plastic conveniently. Additionally, sending plastic to WON project  via post is another practical choice. Our address is

    "WON project" TPBI Public Company Limited 42/174 Moo 5, Soi Srisatian Niwes, Raiking, Sampran, Nakhon Pathom 73210, Thailand. Tel. 02 429 0354.

    Cooperation with other projects

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