Report of operating result of Q4/2020 (Summary)

        The Company has a better cost management that lead to higher sales of Consumables. the Company accounted a net profit of THB 175.42 million, increasing from net loss of THB (55.43) million or increased by 416.47% in the year earlier. The key driver is from the mentioned factors as follows:

  • The Company continuously and regularly received garbage bags’ orders from foreign customers. Further, the Company also received additional orders due to pandemic of Corona virus 19 (Covid-19) from foreign customers.
  • The Company also received Soft Loop (Reusable Bag)’s order from foreign customer and some orders from domestic market. This is in line with business transformation policy of the Company as a result of change in customer’s demand of global packaging industry.
  • Although prices of raw materials tended to be higher during the end of 4Q2020, the Company closely manage production costs together with received the continuous orders of Consumables which leaded to the reduction of waste from production process and production costs.
  • Although, during the 4Q2020, Flexibles and Paper still have losses and their cost of sales is still high, the Company found that there is a positive sign for both Flexibles and Paper due to the change of internal management and seeking a new customer for higher sales.

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