We provide services and sell various types of roll film which was used as raw materials and for use in other industries .The company manufactures distributes divided by usage by film type. In addition, it includes flexible packaging for consumer products such as standing pouches, Foil bag, Snack packaging, Coffee sachet, Cosmetic sachet and spouch that was operated by TAK Packaging Company Limited ("TAK") which is a subsidiary of TPBI
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Barrier Film brochure


Barrier Film

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Barrier Film

Our products

  • We use only the world-class blown film technology
  • Located in high standard clean room to provide the quality of lamination film with 3-layers and 7-layers multilayer film

  • Mostly used as packaging for fresh foods to extend shelf life
  • It can protect packed goods from oxygen, humidity and any contaminations
  • Emphasize on the hygiene in production
  • For : Process meat package ; fish, ham, sausage, meat, bacon / Medical equipment package ; syringe package
  • To produce multi-layer film at one step by different materials with several single screws
  • Good properties in term of gas barriers, puncture resistance, thermoformability, etc.
  • The 7 layers barrier pouch for Vacuum package (Alternative for cost saving)


  • High barrier (Oxygen)
  • Pin - hole / crack resistance
  • Good puncture strenght
  • Good clarity
  • Heat seal properties
  • Solvent free

TypeBasic configurationFilm Advantages
Vacuum pouchPE / PA / EVOHKeep product longer shelf life Good protection oxygen
ThermoformingPE / PA / EVOHDeep drawing performance Good protection oxygen
Standing pouch (oil)PE / PALow temp sealing , good seal strength , Stiff
Lady napkinPE / EVOHGood aroma protection

Basic configurationPinhole ResistanceDeep DrawShelflifeO2barrierUsage
PE/PA/EVOHGoodGoodExcellentExcellentTF / Vacuum Pouch
PE/PAExcellentGoodMediumMediumTF / Vacuum Pouch
PE/EVOHMediumMediumGoodGoodAroma protection Oil protection