We provide services and sell various types of roll film which was used as raw materials and for use in other industries .The company manufactures distributes divided by usage by film type. In addition, it includes flexible packaging for consumer products such as standing pouches, Foil bag, Snack packaging, Coffee sachet, Cosmetic sachet and spouch that was operated by TAK Packaging Company Limited ("TAK") which is a subsidiary of TPBI
  • ซองกาแฟ
  • ซองติดจุก
  • ซองก้นตั้ง
  • Consumable Products
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Paper Packaging
  • Global Trading

Stretch Hoods

  • Reduction of packaging costs up to 40% compared with shrinking packaging
  • Additional vertical forces in the film increase the load stability
  • Extraordinary display characteristics due to use of high - transparent films
  • Product protection through 5 - sided sealed hood
  • 15 - 20 times less changes of film roll compared to stretch wrapping systems

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AbilitiesStretch HoodsShrink HoodsStretch Wraps
Holding StrengthHighestHighHigh
Energy ConsumptionLowHighLow
Film ConsumptionLowHighLow
Roll ChangingFewestFewMany
Optical PropertiesHighHighLow
Manual Wrapping
Water proof
Pallet DiversityMediumLowHigh