Plastic packaging used in daily life which was produced by TPBI with production capacity has two factories, namely Sampran and Rayong factory , with many types of plastic bags by customers’ order and can be used in variety ways which can be classified into Plastic handle bags, Reusable bags, Loop handle bags, Food storage bag, Security bag, Garbage bags, Flap tie Bags and also reusable bag ex. Woven bag, Jute Bag, Hybrid bag (Woven + Jute)

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  • Flexible Packaging
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  • Global Trading

Mailing Bag

Mailing Bag is extremely helpful for E-commerce, Banking Industry and Corporate for ensuring the highest level of content privacy and anti-theft measurement for the documents or valuables inside. And thanks to the light weight of security poly bags, it saves shipping costs and courier charges. 

Nowadays, the use of recycled mailing bags is growing in popularity. At TPBI, customers can order recycled mailing bags with up to 100% PCR content.

Mailing bag is also known by different names such as poly mailer, courier bag, shipping bag, and e-commerce bag.

Product Options

Reliable supply for mass production in various formats for use in E-commerce, Modern Trade, supermarkets, convenience stores or other uses which the customer deems appropriate. 

Made from

Resistant and constructed of multilayer co - extruded film.

Material Options

  • Up to 100% PCR certified.
  • LDPE
  • Recycled PE

Printing Options

Up to 8 colors.

Custom Sizes

  • Width : 100 mm. – 800 mm.
  • Lenght : 150 mm. – 1200 mm.
  • Max Tickeness : 25 mu – 200 mu

*Adjustable to various sizes according to customer requirements.

Standard Sizes [w x h (mm.)]

  • 250 x 350
  • 280 x 420
  • 320 x 450
  • 380 x 520