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Plastic packaging used in daily life which was produced by TPBI with production capacity has two factories, namely Sampran and Rayong factory , with many types of plastic bags by customers’ order and can be used in variety ways which can be classified into Plastic handle bags, Reusable bags, Loop handle bags, Food storage bag, Security bag, Garbage bags, Flap tie Bags and also reusable bag ex. Woven bag, Jute Bag, Hybrid bag (Woven + Jute)

Zipper Bag

Sandwich bag / Resealable bag / Re-closable bag / Zip lock bag

Zipper bags are a cost-effective and versatile packaging option for both food and non-food applications. Made from 100% virgin Polyethylene, so it is safe when in contact with food. With its transparency and ability to open and close several times, it's an easy way to store food tidily and to maintain freshness both at normal temperature and in the freezer. 

With a state-of-the-art zipper bag packaging factory in an area of about 4,000 square meters and skilled personnel, we currently have a production capacity of 180 tons/month.

Product Options

Reliable supply for mass production in various formats for use in Modern Trade, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, or other uses as the customer deems appropriate.

Zipper Options

  • Single zipper
  • Double zipper
  • Click zipper
  • Wide seal zipper

Material Options

  • LDPE
  • 100% safety for food and nonfood items

Printing Options

1 side / 1 color or write on label to make it simple for mark contents and expiration date.