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Report of operating result of Q4/2021

 In 4Q21, the Company posted THB 1,592.44 million in sales, increased by THB 273.35 million or 20.72% from the same period last year. Majority of sales (64.42%) came from exports to international markets and sales from foreign subsidiaries of the Company (Myanmar, United Kingdom and Australia).

Cons was 50%, Flexs was 24%, Paper was 7%, and Trading was 19% of Total revenue in 4Q21.
Cost of Sales of 4Q21 was THB 1,360.46 million, increased from prior year THB 241.13 million or 21.54%, resulted from higher raw material price.

The Company recorded its profit at THB 21.55 million decreased from THB 22.95 million the same period of last year.
EBITDA increased by THB 18.69 million or by 17.92% YoY, resulted from the decrease in total revenue and gross profit margin as mentioned above.

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