Send Plastic Home project x WON project

               A collaboration project, between Thailand Responsible Business Network (TRBN) and WON project, set drop points for rigid plastic and stretchy plastic that are clean and dry into the recycling process. It was initiated to facilitate the recycling of plastics starting from the separation of waste at home to recycle/upcycle process by private organizations which intends to create real circular economy. The first pilot project has started along s Sukhumvit area, such as Emporium, EmQuartier, Singha Complex, A Square, etc. Each drop point of the plastic consisted of two  bins; one for  rigid plastic and another for stretch plastic. In addition, the bins were specially designed for protection of littering wrong type of plastics. Rigidplastic and stretchy plastic that delivered to Send Plastic Home project, are used in everyday life, Rigid plastics such as plastic bottles, plastic water bottle caps, plastic cups, etc., and stretch plastics such as T-shirt bags, Shopping bags, Ice bags, Shrink film (cover of bottled water or UHT containers ), Bubble film, Bread bags, Sugar bags, Fruit bags, Mailing bags, Ziplock bags, etc.

                The destination for both types of plastics is to enter into recycled process. WON project will recycle such stretchy plastics to be.  reusable bags that are thicker than normal bags as well as upcycling them to other recycled products, for example, mini bins and face mask holders which made from recycled plastic resins. In terms of  rigid plastics, they are also recycled by the specialist plastic partners, and increase the value of  rigidplastic into a variety of products such as shirts, robes for monks and PPE clothing, etc.